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Katori Nation

The Katori Nation Adventure Guides and Princesses Program is designed to foster companionship and understanding between father and child, in a wholesome atmosphere that emphasizes fun and adventure. We draw on activities which emphasize family values and respect for the environment.

One feature of our program that differentiates us from others is the involvement of all Dads in activities, not just one or two group leaders.

The program is available to Dads and their children, aged 5 through 9 (Kindergarten through 3rd grade). An average of 6 to 8 Dads and their children form a single gender tribe, typically from the same age group and in nearby subdivisions, when possible.

Katori Trails

The Katori Trails is a group of dads and their children in grades 4th to 12th who enjoy weekend outings filled with adventure, excitement, and most importantly quality time having FUN together. Outings (which occur roughly once a month during the school year) typically involve tent camping, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, off-road biking, horseback riding, or visits to regional attractions. This year's activities are outlined on the Annual Activities page.

Unlike similar activity-oriented organizations, we are not organized in defined groups or tribes and don't hold regular meetings. There's no pressure on members to attend events that don't fit their family schedules. Simply put, our volunteer trail leaders are here to provide the planning and organization so like-minded dads can offer their children memorable outings in a safe and wholesome environment that will leave both dad and child with positive, life-long memories.

Both programs run from August through May, corresponding to the school year.

New Members should visit our Membership Page for more information on joining either program.


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