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These are the campouts that are planned for the season. You may click on the Camp name in the list below to go to the campsite's main website.

Please note that you will not be able to pay for a campout until you have registered online.

Campouts which begin with "TB-" are Katori Trails campouts.

DateCampRes OpensRes ClosesEst. Cost
Sep 2-4  Camp Lutherhill       
Sep 9-11  Splashway       
Oct 21-23  Flaming Arrow       
Nov 11-13  Olympia-1       
Nov 18-20  Olympia-2       
Jan 20-22  Camp Lutherhill       
Feb 3-5  Camp Cullen       
Apr 7-9  Camp Cullen       
May 19-21  Rocky River       
Sep 17-19  TB - Schlitterbahn / camping       
Oct 14-17  TB - Galveston Island SP       
Nov 4-6  TB - Longhorn Cavern       
Jan 28-29  TB - USS Lexington live aboard       
Feb 24-27  TB - Brazos Bend star party       
Mar 31-Apr 2  TB - Enchanted Rock #1 /oxford ranch       
Apr 7-9  TB - Enchanted Rock #2 / Oxford Ranch       
Apr 14-16  TB - Enchanted Rock #3 / Oxford Ranch       
May 19-21  TB - Canoe / Camp San Marcos River       

  1. REFUNDS: Refunds for any camp are NOT guaranteed. Refunds depend on our ability to meet our minimum contractual requirements for each camp. No refunds will be made for horses at Rocky River. No refunds available for the McKinney campouts, due to campout contractual limitations.
  2. We recommend planning your camping trips for the year at your first tribe meeting. If reservations for any camp exceed capacity, preference will be given to tribes in the order their Chief submits their reservation.
  3. Reservations will be accepted only via the Katori Web Reservations. NO VERBAL OR FAXED RESERVATIONS. Confirmation of your reservations will be made 3 days after the reservations due date. Payment for camps will confirm your reservation, no exceptions. Reservation forms, reservation confirmations and activities schedules will be posted on the website.
  4. Activities can include archery, rifle shooting, horseback riding, canoeing, swimming, hiking, arts & crafts, fire building and fishing (varies per camp).
  5. Meals for Saturday and breakfast on Sunday are included in the camp fees for Rocky River, Olympia , Cullen & Hamman Ranch.
  6. Horseback trail riding at Hamman Ranch and Cullen is limited to children in first grade or older. At some camps, Pony Rides or Arena Rides may be provided in lieu of trail rides for kindergarten tribes.
  7. The horseback trail ride at Rocky River is limited to those at least 7 years old and at least 44" tall.
  8. Rafting at McKinney Roughs is limited to those at least 7 years old.
  9. Olympia, Cullen, Hamman Ranch, McKinney Roughs and Rocky River have air conditioned and heated cabins. Camp Cinco and another camp (to be determined) will be tent camping with all supplies provided by the individual.
  10. At all the camps we will have a campfire and skits, fire bans notwithstanding.
  11. Packing lists should include bedrolls, pillow, towels and toilet articles, clothes, raingear, mosquito repellant, extra clothes, first aid kit, snacks & drinks, and money.
  12. The Indian Program prohibits alcohol and tobacco use at all activities. The use of alcohol will result in you being asked to leave the camp.
  13. All tribes will be required to strictly adhere to their designated times for scheduled activities at each camp (no exceptions). Problems with designated times for scheduled activities should be addressed to the War Chief for that camp prior to the campout. War chiefs responsible for each campout can be found on the Planning Dates spreadsheet.

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